Unexpected =|

You know what can be really unexpected? Your step-mother conceiving. Again. At 32! OMG! I already have four half-sisters and a half-brother so I don’t feel like have another half-sibling. Then comes the issue: what gender is it?

I don’t want another sibling. Who would want another brat to look after? Or be related to? GOSH! It kills me to know that I’ll have another funeral attend to. Wait, hopefully I do before it does. Random

Catch Ya xx Em

Fake Friends =(

What I really hate the most is friends who pretend to be your friend one minute, then use you as a joke the next. A certain friend whom I’m not going to name is associated with this post. How dumb is it to run around the corner and hide there when someone says “wait up”? Pretty dumb I think. How dumb is it to go faster when someone says “slow down”? Extremely dumb. Why can’t you, for once, listen to me and not someone else? Please!?! Right now I can’t call anyone a friend. Too many people have hurt me in the past, and I can’t trust anyone.

Cheers xx Em

Help :)

I was sitting in i.c.t class, when somethig hit me. The amount of people who don’t listen to the teacher, then ask someone to help them two minutes after the teacher explains something, is baffling. People expect to be able to sit around, checking their phone, while the teacher takes the time to explain something to the class. I don’t think the teacher has time to explain the same thing over and over again to disrespectful kids.If you are reading this, and the above applies to you, please try to stop. You waste everybodys’ time by distracting everyone else.


Catch ya later 🙂 xx em


Internet Savvy =)

To be internet savvy, you:

  1. NEVER put your last name, mobile number, school address or any photos that give away where you are on your blog.
  2. NEVER put down another person through a comment, other people have feelings too.
  3. ALWAYS think about what you write, too much information could accidentally fall into the wrong hands.
  4.  HAVE FUN and try your hardest.

All about me :)

The name’s Emily. I like the colours black, grey, green and white, I like soccer and I like to be different. I hate the colours pink, yellow and light purple, I hate cricket and I hate people who don’t dare to be different.

There’s nothing more for me to tell you guys, so I’m going to go now!

Catch ya! xx Em